Academics and Critical Thinking

Academics and Critical Thinking

Academic Competence and Critical Thinking is one of three major categories for defining whole child student success.  Academic Competence and Critical Thinking refers to students’ ability and growth toward accepted grade level standards and often comparative to like populations.  It also includes students’ ability to use processes and skills to make judgments and logic in transferring learning to new situations.   SCAP districts use multiple evidences to determine the overall Academic Competence and Critical Thinking of its students.  Each of these evidences are listed below.

Academic Performance Overview

  • Student Performance Priorities (3 or fewer) of appropriate magnitude to focus the school’s improvement efforts with links to the indicators on the SPF (where not meeting state or federal expectations) and evidence that demonstrates the need to focus on the identified Student Performance Priorities (e.g., positive and negative performance trends, school performance relative to state and local expectations).

Performance Framework Reports

(District) Hanover 28 (1070)

State Assessment Results

CMAS Results Grades 3-8 English Language Arts

CMAS Results Grades 3-8 Math

CMAS Results Academic Growth English Language Arts (CMAS grades 4-8)

CMAS Results Academic Growth Math (CMAS grades 4-8)

Grades 9-11
CDE Dashboard: School and District Dashboard Colorado PSAT/SAT
Evidence Based Reading and Writing Achievement

Mathematics Achievement