Priority 1

Communication with all stakeholders

Through efficient and productive communication within our district, we will maintain a culture that promotes positive environments to support high levels of learning and motivation while actively pursuing open communication by listening to our community.

Strategic Priority One: Communication with all stakeholders
Why is this a priority? Survey, focus group, and reviewer data from the site review indicated the need to continue the work of increased communication, both internal and external, and continue building a positive climate and mindset amongst students and staff, and the work of the building a safe and inclusive environment.
Action steps related to the priorityOverview of all Strategic Actions 2022-24 (all four priorities)
Priority Action 1 Development and Resource Allocation
Evidence of ImplementationStrategic Priority Action 1 Development and Resource Allocation
Evidence of ImpactThe STUDENT SUCCESS and SYSTEM SUPPORT tabs provide the current measures for monitoring impact. For Priority 1, impact can be monitored especially through System Support: Curriculum/Instruction and Leadership/Vision and all Student Success measures: Academics, Learning Dispositions and Post-Secondary.