Leadership & Vision

Leadership and Vision – SSR Findings

Leadership and Vision refers to the process of continuous improvement, monitoring of progress toward goals for students, District and Board leadership, and communication. Below are the ratings and targeted areas of strength and growth from recent System Support Reviews in the Leadership and Vision category. Background Information and Evidence used to determine this rating is linked above.

2022 SSR Findings

Strength AreasGrowth Areas
It is very clear the admin is committed to professional growth for all staffthe vision still needs to be communicated more clearly, and
sold to/supported by the stakeholder…the staff
Teachers are committedTeachers want to feel more supported and are eager for more strategies to improve their craft
They would love more positive feedback, as well as critical, with suggestions for improvement.
Staff does feel the current admins are trying and are better than the past adminsDiscrepancy between elementary and high school staff. Distance between schools affects staff connections

The majority of stakeholders, faculty, students, and parents expressed desires for more communication overall. This will help them feel more a part of the district. Parents want more of a voice. Family training on how to access Edustar and Class Dojo might help, with the same
expectations from the teachers. Phone calls, Bi-monthly newsletters, clear communication of events including board meetings

Stakeholders cannot yet communicate the vision statement. To help this, the statement could be condensed or made more catchy so it can
be verbalized and memorized with ease